What makes these videos different than others out there? They're not filmed in a studio and are purposely casual and laid back, filled with humor and anecdotes from my writing life. The idea is for students to feel as if they're watching their favorite YouTuber, not listening to a lecture. At the same time, each video has practical information that can directly be applied in the classroom. 

Each video is approximately 10 minutes long, making it easy to incorporate into the classroom or as a take-home assignment. They can be watched through this website or directly on my YouTube Channel. (Students may find it exciting to get "YouTube homework" and can subscribe to the channel on their own and participate in giveaways.) Each video covers one aspect of the writing process, whether it be coming up with ideas, creating realistic characters, fighting off writer's block, or the importance of revision. Under each video, I have a link to a worksheet related to the topic that can be incorporated into a lesson plan. 

My hope is these videos can become a great free resource for you as teachers and a way for you to get students excited about writing. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to cover any specific topics. My goal is to do one video per week. I can even do a video Q&A with your students if you send me a list of questions and I'm always available for in-person school visits or Skype visits. 

Thank you for all you do! It is a privilege to be welcomed into your classrooms!


Unfortunately I can't be at every school all the time. Some schools don't have the resources to bring in authors and I can't always get away from my deadlines and family obligations. Which is why I decided to create The Once and Future Writers Club. Now students can have access to their very own writer's toolkit through a series of fun, down-to-earth, informative lessons which will hopefully break down and demystify the writing process and even make it fun. Whether the student wants to be an author when they grow up--or just wants to pass English class, there's something in these videos for all interest and experience levels. So many of our kids are learning all sorts of awesome stuff on YouTube these days. Why not writing as well? 

Dear Teachers and librarians,

Once of my favorite parts of being an author is going into schools and talking to kids about books and writing. I just love seeing the enthusiasm and excitement in their eyes as I talk about my publishing journey, what it means to be a writer, and how persistence is really the only key to anything worth doing in life. 

NOTE: I would be delighted to send swag - postcards, posters, bookmarks, buttons, etc. to any teachers or librarians who are using these videos in the classroom. Please email me at MARI AT MARIMANCUSI DOT COM if you are interested in receiving fun swag for your students! 

AND remember -- I am always happy to do IN REAL LIFE school visits!! Contact me for rates/scheduling at the above email.  

LASTLY...be sure to sign up for my special educator's only newsletter to stay informed of the Club's happenings. 

Teachers and librarians -- this video is especially  for you!!